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[PDF] Anna From Atlanta




Anna from Atlanta

by Catherine Team

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A Story of Friendship and Devotion

With the book just out, readers are already demanding a sequel and a movie is being discussed. Could Anna from Atlanta be the new Forrest Gump? If you like stories about unlikely heroes, you'll love Anna from Atlanta. Based on a true story, Anna made such an impression on a young boy growing up in rural Iowa, prompting him (now 95 years old) to recount the true tales of Anna which became inspiration for this historical fiction novel. As Anna says, “This tale is like good dessert. You find yourself scrapin’ the plate for more.”

Like all those Anna left an impression on in Iowa, she'll leave an impression on readers’ hearts and minds. Divine fate led Anna to move to Iowa to become the caregiver to Fritzy, a severely handicapped child. Anna helped Fritzy learn to communicate and gave his life dignity, from preparation of fabulous “Anna meals,” to setting people straight, Anna was never shy about expressing how things ought to be. "I don’t give a whit what you think of me, ’cause I’m big and dark and scary, and I don’t have to suffer your God-awful stupidness or you being mean to Fritzy," she would tell anyone who judged. The tale will make you cry and laugh as you follow the never-dull lives of Anna and Fritzy and their interactions with the people in the town as they endure the country's Great Depression, experience a bank robbery and solve a mystery, but perhaps most interesting is just being with Anna and knowing she really existed against all odds.




















Anna from Atlanta Catherine Team

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